How I make my Wood Rounds (Door Hangers)

Happy Monday! I hope you had a relaxing weekend! As many of you know, I've been creating wood rounds now for a few years. I got into this craft when I started exploring what my Cricut cutting machine could do. I stumbled upon FB groups and You Tube Videos geared to creating wood rounds. I quickly found that I love making these. I have made custom wood rounds for some of you and I've also given some as gifts to family and friends.... anyway, I would like to take time today explaining how I go about making these so you'll have an idea of the love and time that goes into making one.

  • Purchase quality wood

Most of my wood rounds are purchased from Lowes or Home Depot. They are quality pieces that are substantial in weight and thickness. The most popular size I make is 15 in in diameter; however they are available in other sizes as well (12, 18, 24" for example).

Steps I take to make a wood round

  1. Sand down the round using a few different grits of sandpaper

  2. Next I apply a pre-stain to both sides of the round and allow to dry

  3. Then I apply an oil based stain that is available in a variety of colors and allow to dry overnight.

  4. I may paint part of the wood round or all of it (it just depends on what you order)

  5. I typically use chalk paint as I have found it works best for this type of product.

  6. At this point, I have already used my Cricut to create the design in mind. I use the Cricut to cut a template (Stencil) that I can use to stencil the design. I always share with my client before I go forward with the design).

  7. I use acrylic paints to complete the design and allow paint to dry.

  8. I add D hooks on the back and use a variety of items for hanging (i.e., ribbon, jute cord, beads, etc.)

  9. I carefully spray a protectant on the completed wood round to protect from harsh wind, rain, sun.

The creative process can take anywhere from 2 days to longer, depending on the custom order.

I hope this gives you some idea of how I create my wood rounds!

Feel free to browse my website to see some of the wood rounds I have completed and shoot me a message if you have any questions at all!

Have a GREAT rest of your week!

Crafting Dreams


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